Boiler Installations

Save up to 40% on your heating bills!

With energy prices forever on the rise, it makes sense to take advantage of the savings that will be achieved by switching to a new, fuel efficient boiler.

Every new boiler we install in Ayrshire is A-rated.  This means that the boiler converts a minimum of 90% of the fuel it uses into heating your home.  For some older boilers this figure is just 55%!

For maximum fuel efficiency, we recommend the installation of Viessmann condensing boilers together with their revolutionary Weather Compensation system.

Weather compensation controls are a great, low cost way to make your boiler operate more efficiently. They can save up to 12% of annual fuel bills – that’s on top of the big savings that you get from changing to a condensing boiler.

The boiler is connected to a small sensor on the outside of your home. When the temperature changes outside, the boiler responds and starts to increase or decrease the radiator temperature, to compensate.

This pro-active mechanism means that you and your family won’t even notice that the temperature outside has changed.

These constant small changes also mean that the boiler is able to operate at the minimum temperature required to keep the rooms warm. This keeps the return temperature as low as possible and a return temperature of 57°C or less means the boiler can condense as it is designed to. Weather compensation maximises the condensing period of your boiler and results in significant fuel savings.

David Hainey & Co. are approved Viessmann installers, which means that we can give a 5 year guarantee with all Viessmann boiler installations.  We also work with Viessmann to provide warranty backup for them to conduct boiler repair and boiler service in Ayr and the West of Scotland area.

To discover how much you could save by upgrading your boiler, contact David Hainey & Co today.