Power Flushing

Is your central heating system under-performing?

If your radiators don’t heat up evenly, or your central heating system makes strange noises, you may well benefit from a professional power flushing service.

powerflush-ayrThe build up of sludge and corrosion deposits in central heating systems is inevitable and over a period of time, these deposits can cause water circulation problems, leading to poorly performing radiators, noisy boilers and excessive heating bills.

Power flushing removes these deposits and the problems that they cause.  This is achieved by passing water through your heating system at high speed but at low pressure, so that no damage is caused to your heating system.  Power flushing will improve circulation and thereby the efficiency of the entire heating system, which in turn will prolong the life of your boiler and reduce your heating bills.

We use the latest technologies to perform power flushing efficiently and thoroughly.

David Hainey & Co. are fully qualified in the power flushing process.  For power flushing in Ayr – Contact Us today for a free quotation and you will soon be enjoying a more efficient, quieter heating system and lower heating bills!